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Congratulations Fawzi. Another great explainer post. Thank you.

I only had vague understanding of the subject up to now, but your explain a really lays it out very clearly and brings us up-to-date with developments.

This topic is vitally important, certainly not only for the sake of intriguing scientific development, but because of the impact on methane and everything else that goes with meat production

As one who freely admit to truly loving a great rare sirloin steak (preferably b-b-q’ed on the grill at the cottage with a glass of fine red vino in the other hand) and who thinks rather less of a nut cutlet, I am all for the direction that the industry is heading .

Moo moo


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I’ve always struggled with this one. Like I get all the ways that lab grown meat is better than non lab grown meat, but it’s still meat. It seems like developing better plant-based proteins would be better health wise?

I am interested in cell cultured seafood though. Fish is actually really healthy, but because it has become tainted by mercury it has become much less so. Cell cultured seafood could solve for that, though I admit I still don’t really understand it!

(This is a great article about that btw!: https://www.growbyginkgo.com/2022/10/13/fish-out-of-water/)

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Gloop splog slopa slurpi! Nice post.

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Super interesting read!

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Thanks Fawzi for the update, it was filling. Food is certainly one of the most important topics to person-kind, and lab-grown meat will no doubt grow a life of its own.

In many ways, it seems like a simple hack to meat production. We should have no problem with that. Maybe it's the sci-fi writer in me, but I have questions: Who controls it? How long will it take for governments to outlaw animals? Will it become a crime against the environment to partake in a barbecue with friends eating-RIBS! And of course, can I profit from selling grass fed beef on the black market?

Great job with the research, I rely on you to keep me up to date on my future.

PS. great "self" portrait.

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