Carbon sequestration is possible with plants:


I wish more people talked about and encouraged the local planting trees to offset CO2, provide food with fruit and nut trees, and shade for cities, thus reducing the energy / electricity load associated with food transportation and air conditioning.

There are some people who have made it their mission to do that:

Two people, a photographer and his wife, managed to plant 2 million trees in 318 million acres (129 million hectares).


A couple of organizations work toward the goal of planting more trees across the world:





Here are more lists of charities that plant trees:



I wish it were possible to tell which of these organizations is the most productive, the most impactful, but we could all try to plant more trees locally on our own property, even in a balcony, or by talking about it with friends and neighbors, and by approaching the local governments to encourage them to plant more trees around towns and cities, near roads and highways, and in parks, etc.

There are other, more beautiful and rewarding, ways to help with climate change that don't include nuclear waste 🤢, or the destruction of the Earth for mining /extracting dangerous chemicals that go into energy production / fuels.

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Sep 23, 2022Liked by Fawzi Ammache

Your piece on hydrogen is great.

Hydrogen is a worthy headline story in the media , but it’s often difficult to follow the articles because hydrogen a complex subject and many parties with self interest (as you so well illustrated)

Your piece cut though all of that. Great job. Thank you.

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Nov 5, 2022·edited Nov 5, 2022Liked by Fawzi Ammache

I love how Fawzi breaks complex things down to a more simple product that we can consume. Kind of like molecules after they are simplified, they are often more powerful. Great job with this very informative piece. He is quickly becoming my go-to science journalist.

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