I think this "Imagica" login link is possibly fraudulent. I have switched to Chrome tried multiple times to make an account, it takes my password and google authentication code. Yet to the right it always says Content not recognized etc.

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Hey Vic, are you talking about the Imagica hyperlink (URL:"get.imagica.ai")? I'm trying to reproduce the issue you mentioned but when I log in with my Google account it takes me to my project dashboard (also using Chrome). I definitely don't want any fraudulent link on this, so I've removed the hyperlink for now just to be safe. Either way, thanks for bringing this to my attention.

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Oct 13, 2023Liked by Fawzi Ammache


Thank you for your prompt reply. I tried to send you screen shots as reply to your mail but to no avail.

Surprising in this world of apps where VERY FEW ever answer any comment or questions (especially YouTube channels owners)

So I went back and tried again and still failed to create an account on Chrome

I tried with Google and e-mail both failed

Let us know when your think the issue maybe resolved

I have many small stories and concepts but not enough time to write and would enjoy correct spelling right away. I am German and French educated so my grammar often slips into past, yet still current practice, languages six of them in total.

Funny, Fawzi is quite a popular name in Zimbabwe my goddaughter has that name.

I am a 3D designer #vstarchitecture

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You can send them to fawzi@year2049.com, that'll go straight to my inbox.

Wow! You speak so many languages. I "only" speak 3: Arabic, French, and English. Did you see the experiment I tried a few weeks ago where AI translated my video into 5 languages? https://year2049.substack.com/p/ai-made-me-speak-5-languages-in-one. Let me know if my German is good ;)

And I had no idea Fawzi is a popular name in Zimbabwe. That's a fun fact I'll always remember 😂

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