Nov 4, 2022Liked by Fawzi Ammache

.Your cartoon presentation was excellent, very well broken down, easy to follow and remember.

Would love to see more visual / comic explainers.

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Thanks Anthony! Glad you enjoyed it

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I think the comic-only format could work well for many topics.

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Indeed, I am a fan of Fawzi's way of looking at a problem. He is thoughtful and thought provoking. I find no issues with the content and really like the info-graphic mode of delivery.

But I keep asking myself why we are being driven to look at this CO2 conundrum as if it truly is the existential threat of our time. Is it really? My head spins away from the shiny object of climate influence for an instant and looks at the state of the world's conflicts.

Somehow we are supposed to place our trust in the hands of those leaders? The same leaders that refuse to speak to the โ€œother sideโ€ and continually foment a war footing. Are these players really the ones who can put a scheme into place to reduce CO2 emissions?

Only in peace have we seen real improvements in concern for our Earth. Shouldnโ€™t we start there?

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