Oct 18, 2023Liked by Fawzi Ammache

For someone who speaks six languages starting from childhood it added German, French, Dutch,English, Spanish and Italian. I must say that the AI translations came across quite well. Without nit picking. All that one wants it to get the main meaning. My SO is Chinese and I don't speak Mandarin but being a French speaker I LOVE the sound of it. I always feel Mandarin is the French of Asia while Japanese is the Italian of Asia. I often am on the "Little Red Book" (the Chinese Tik Tok) because there is so much creativity and fun. What is astounding is the power of so many people working hard on getting traction. Creating whimsical new electric cars, motorcycles and the unlimited amount of Art and handicraft. I often comment in English and the barrier of language is so obvious.

Only few manage to reply in English. I wish there was a way to instantly translate what people say on it in Mandarin to English. I even post on in and add Google txt translations and yea I have 9 followers!

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