Welcome to Year 2049! đź”®

Comics and interesting stories to keep you informed about the future

*deep breath*

After months of work, rework, thinking, overthinking, and reflecting, I’m finally ready to launch the Year 2049 newsletter!

The future is overwhelming

We live at an important time in the history book of humanity. So much is changing around us, for better or worse. Just think of how much has changed since you were a kid and you’ll start to feel old (shoutout to the Sony Walkman). Now imagine how much more is going to change in the coming decades.

The future can be overwhelming to think about when we’re constantly bombarded with bad news, bold predictions, and overhyped creations. I feel overwhelmed by it too. My goal is simple: I want to make the future less scary for all of us.

I’m covering all topics including technology, climate, science, food, and anything in between (feel free to send any recommendations). You’ll receive a comic and the real story behind it every Friday. What better way to make things less scary than stories and characters we can learn from and relate to?

The first post will be published on Friday, September 17. Subscribe so you don’t miss it!

Meet Vic and Tori

Every story needs a hero. Lucky for us, we have two.

Through the eyes of Vic and Tori, you’ll get a glimpse of what our life could look like in the future. Vic wears his heart on his sleeve and can’t keep up with the ever-changing world around him. His reactions make us pause and question our so-called “progress” and remind us of how crazy the world can be. Tori is the voice of reason we all need: her calmness and knowledge of the world are reassuring and make us less scared of the unknown. She’s also the super-smart friend you want by your side at all times.

This is not a sci-fi series: every comic will be based on a real story, event, or discovery from today that could affect our future.

Step into the time machine

If you’ve read everything so far, thank you. You’re awesome.

I hope you’ll join me on the journey to learn more about our life in the future. Together, we can become more informed and have fun while we’re doing it!

Much love,