What a time to be alive

We live at an important time in the history book of humanity. So much is changing around us, for better or worse.

I started the Year 2049 newsletter because I was constantly overwhelmed by the noise, hype, clickbait, and jargon around the incredible innovations and discoveries that we hear about every day.

It’s hard to wrap your head around things and keep up with the never-ending news cycle, especially when you’re curious and looking to learn.

I wanted to approach things in a different way by creating a space where I can talk about these topics in a deep, accessible, and enjoyable way.

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A little bit about me

I’m Fawzi Ammache and I’m the puppet master behind the scenes.

I’m an industrial engineering graduate, user experience designer, and self-taught cartoonist. I love understanding problems, discussing solutions, and breaking down complexity.

Say hi 👋 on LinkedIn or Twitter, I’m always looking to make new friends that love talking about technology, design, science, and business!

Join me on the adventure

I hope you’ll join me on the journey to learn more about the trends and innovations shaping our near future. Together, we can become more informed and understand how we can create the future we want, and not one that’s predicted or imposed on us.